Ethically Driven

Research Ethics is a universal set of principles that govern the way research is designed, managed and carried out.  Ethics committees are responsible for assessing whether the research should be conducted, how should be conducted and what risks there are to those involved.  The ethics committee must ensure that for each research project, the rights, safety and well-being of human participants must at all times be safeguarded.

Erasmus Research will set up an Ethics Committee tailored to each project based on the research requirements and taking into account any ethical considerations that may arise.  Each ethics committee will be chosen from a network of academics and practitioners and will be made up of people with experience and expertise in the specific area of research.  The ethics committee will be tasked with safeguarding our ethical standards by ensuring the following:

  • Compliance – does the research meet with statutory recommendations and other forms of guidance?
  • Standards -are the researchers for this particular project qualified to carry out this type of work?
  • Risk – has the project been adequately assessed for all risks that may be involved?
  • Data protection – does the project comply with relevant legislation?
  • Confidentiality – will the identities of participants be adequately protected?
  • Respect – does the research pay due regard to other cultures and values as well as safeguarding disadvantaged groups and recognizing difference?
  • Finance – are there adequate financial resources to complete the project?

The ethics committee will meet at least three times, more for longer projects and for more complex areas of research that may have ethical sensitivities. Standard projects will require the committee to meet;

  • At he beginning of the project to map the ethical issues which may arise.
  • During the project to ensure ethical standards are being met and to address any issues that may have arisen.
  • Nearing completion of the project to review standards and to decide how to wind the project up.